Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bank Holiday weekend; The Beaches Part 1

We've had a really good family time this weekend, highlighted by two trips to the beach; Sea Pauling and Gt. Yarmouth.

Here's a few pics from our trips:

Elle's walking and exploring has been fun on these trips, though I was keen for her not to fall over. I think she'd have got soaked!

There was of course a picnic, and yes that is a tartan rug you can just about see. It came with our National Trust membership...

It's easy to forget that Norfolk has beaches like this!

I found this sub frame of a theatre in Yarmouth very intriguing. Hol (continued to) think I was mad.

More to come when next I can, including the coolest playground you have ever seen...

1 comment:

  1. Hol's not the only one ;)

    Family day's out are made by Dad's getting interested by the most random things though.

    Loving the picture's, Elle's looking so grown up now.