Monday, April 03, 2006

Ministry Fair

I expect lots of churches did this yesterday too, but, as part of our Lent reading of 'Purpose Driven Life', we had a Ministry Fair.

Rick Warren suggests in the book that we should have a ministry IN the church and a mission OUTside the church. I'm with Ian Savory on this in that theologically I don't think the two are completely separate things, but I do find it helpful thinking.

By saying you need to have both you cannot fail to serve the fellowship of believers or work out the great commission. Very cool.

So 10.30 (ish) yesterday found Oak Grove starting it's fair of ministries. Each ministry had a poster and some people to talk to by it. Then everyone else wandered around finding out more about what they could either be involved with, or pray for.

As every for us it was good fun. Hot and chaotic, but good fun (especially because so many groups were giving away food; Rose's cheese scones win handsdown for me every time though. If you haven't had one, come to OG and get one!)

the most encouraging thing of all was seeing just how many active and effective things we have going on; and we're a small church. It can only be God!


  1. That sounds like a good idea! What was the result?

  2. Well, so far I have not heard much about the sort of feedback people are getting, but the Tech Team has had a couple of volunteers which is a real blessing.

    It was really all about ensuring and encouraging people to be envolved in the church community and supporting each other. I'm hoping to see more evidence that that's what happened. I feel confident that it did.