Saturday, April 08, 2006

What did you do on Friday night?

Me? I dep'd at Fridays.

Fridays is a Norwich Youth for Christ event (on Fridays) for young people. It's a chance to access a different style of meeting and meet with God.

Mark Tuma spoke really well and has set me up for Easter. He went in to exquisite detail over the crucifixion, which was as horrible as ever, but he really explained how and why Jesus had to die, and had to die that way. (I won't try to recap for those that weren't there. In a while the talk will be downloadable from the NYFC website.)

As for my drumming, well, I'm generally really pleased. I only clicked one song at the wrong speed, and since I only new 3-4 of the songs well I'm happy with that.

For me the best bit was seeing people engage with God. It's awesome! God, you are awesome!

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  1. :-)

    I pray that the effect of Friday and stuff that God said through Mark does not diminish before I process it and do something about it.

    May have to download the talk and put it on repeat!