Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Does it worry you that...

...a vast number of Christians (including myself) could recite more 'Worship & Praise' song lyrics than verses of the bible? BOCTAOE

Are we missing a trick here?


  1. boctaoe?

    It's not our fault. Humans just naturally remember stuff better if it's to music. Hence why I know Ephesians 4:32 as theres a song about it...

  2. and Louise makes the point I was gonna make without realising it ;)

    Yes, we do know more, but a lot of them are based around Bible verses - so surely that's a good thing?

  3. It’s only a good thing if the songs we sing a biblically correct, I’m afraid theology based on some of the songs we sing isn’t that great.

  4. BOCTAOE - But Of Course There Are Obvoius Exceptions

    I know there ae plenty of songs which are biblically based, and Craig I agree with you on the quality of the theology in some songs, but even if it's a direct quote, most people couldn't tell you where it came from.

  5. well maybe we should sing the location too ;)

  6. I know for a fact I cannot remember a single verse from the bible - except maybe Jesus wept, but I couldn't tell you where it's from.

    Yet I could probably sing most worship songs (roughly in the right order) off by heart.

    Worried? Not really, I know plenty of people who could quote the whole bible if you asked them to ... it's all down to giftings.

  7. I'm the same as Rach: I don't really remember bible quotes too well. But I do remember worship song lyrics and I'm much more likely to connect to God through singing than by the bible. If the song you're singing is "In Christ Alone" then I don't see what the problem is...