Friday, May 05, 2006

SPCK shops may close

As reported on Dave Walkers blog here, we may lose our SPCK shops, and as a customer of the Norwich shop, I'd be greatly saddened.

Simply it's a similar decision to that of organic foods. Some people avoid organic foods because they believe them to be too expensive and buy a mass produced alternative; being cheaper. Whereas the mass produced alternative is in reality, artificially low in price. Conclusion?
If you want to keep your local shops local, you have to use them. Use them or lose them.

Dave has some helpful campaign ideas, including showing support by publishing this cartoon:

save the SPCK
Save the SPCK!


  1. I love SPCK, that shop is amazing - and reasonably priced.

    Unfortunately I will be singing YMCA for the rest of the day - sorry SPCK ;)

  2. Phil, you should get work to perform an adapted song!

  3. I like your style Ella, but at work we do our best to avoid talking about the song...

  4. yeah its kinda sad but then I never used it as online is easier, cheaper etc, guess that dont make it right though hey!

    I guess it comes down to "use it or lose it"