Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fliss' Wedding

I suppose I really should have made the mental adjustment to calling it Fliss & Andy's Wedding by now, but never mind. Either way, what a wedding!

It's the first wedding that we've been to as a family, and it was certainly a different experience. Usually we get to focus on the wedding ceremony. At this wedding, we were focused on entertaining Elle so she didn't shout out when the Vicar asked if anyone had any objection to the wedding!!

Fliss looked wonderful, and her dress was beautiful; simple but with excellent details.

The rest of the day just flowed really well. I have a swirl of memories, including Elle being offered a child's meal of Scampi & Chips, which turned up as Chicken Nuggets & Chips. She was not offered any vegetables with it...(Elle would have eaten exactly what the rest of us ate, but never mind) I remember laying down some moves with Tracy H to some happy hardcore and I remember kissing Andy....

I love being there to celebrate anyone's wedding, but it means so much when community joins together to see two people who are loved very much get married, especially when they invite God in right at the beginning.

I pray that, being busy people, they get the time to invest in their marriage from the very beginning.

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