Sunday, September 10, 2006

What a difference a Day makes.

Well a week actually.

Firstly, thanks to everyone for your comments, prayers, hugs and everything else. I'm happy to say that it worked.

This time last week we had had enough, especially Hol. I'm pleased (and blessed) to say that since we decided last week that we needed some time for us as a family, things have come immesurabley better.

Hol's dissertation is looking good, the finances for a family holiday (where none of us are ill) are no longer an issue, we had a wonderful time at Fliss (& Andy's) wedding, a relationship has been restored, we've just had a fantastic barbecue with...just us! and it's not just us.

Here is not the place, but this week has been quite significant in the lives of quite a few of our friends and family, which makes me smile too!

Last week, the distance between there and here could have been from here to the moon, but, we stood together, prioritised and God seems to have honoured that response. Now, the distance between here and last week, well? it's nothing.

What a difference a week makes, eh?


  1. :-D

    that's really encouraging and inspiring

  2. It's not a bad thing to have to practice what you preach...