Sunday, October 01, 2006

Willow Creek Association - Global Leadership Summit

Imagine something different. Done that? Good.

Then it's just possible that you have just imagined the Willow Creek Association's (UK site) Global Leadership Summit. A conference with a difference.

Basically the US church a has a summit and records the speakers, and then ships the DVD round the world to 130 countries and about 70,000 leaders.

What they do though is take a slant that I've not heard of before. Not all of the speakers are Christians for a start. One speaker this year was from the Harvard School of Business, for example. I have never heard teaching like it from a Christian POV, and never have I heard such a high quality of teaching from each speaker booked. I REALLY like the fact that not everyone who attends is a Christian.

There were 8 sessions across two days. The host church provided a 'facilitator' who helped make it much more than a bunch of people watching a DVD. They also supplied a band to help with the 'interactivity-ness' of it all (I know it's not a real word, and I don't care.)

We we're hosted by St. Albans Vineyard, and I thank them very much for their hospitaility.

A big thanks to to the people I went with. Imanaged to get a group photo, even though we'd just about all been crying moments before.

Finally, I have learnt a lot over the two days, and will hopefully let some of it out into this blog.

Finally (really this time) two churches in Norwich will be joining forces to host a summit on Norwich next year. 28 & 29th September 2007. If you have a leadership role, in the social, business or non-profit sector, then I sugest (and recommend) that you get there.

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