Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Add sleep to the beginning

One very simple piece of advice that I picked up at the Global Leadership Summit is this:

If you're not getting enough sleep, add sleep to the beginning of the night, not the end. Make sure during the crucial 11-3am period that you're asleep, this way you'll get the best quality of sleep that you can.


  1. Anonymous7:06 am

    Oh the irony...

  2. It just doesn't work though

  3. Dave, I wondered if anyone would spot that, though I never said that I needed more sleep ;)

    Sparkles, It's based on some research to do with body clocks BOCTAOE.

    Rach, Why not?

  4. Phil

    Although irony and humour is not my strong point however I think what you refer to is something important. I am not convinced 11-3 makes any difference though.

    What I would say is someone once told me that one of the most important spiritual disciplines you could try and adopt is getting enough sleep.

    I know many people who stay up late at night on the internet or watching TV then get up early for work or for kids. If people realised that sleeping could be something that benefitted mentally and spritually then it would be taken more seriously.

    That said its 23:29 right now and I should be in bed, but I am watching TV AND on the internet at the same time - that must mean I am very un-spritual.

  5. I do that too. Sometimes it helpful, sometimes Tv or the Internet is not enough to numb my brain into inactivity.

    Anyway, for me sleep changes positiion on my priority list when I think of it as the start of God's day. (see Genesis for NIGHT then day.)

    It's almost an act of submission. "God can cope if I go to bed and rest in order to be prepared for the day."

    As with any kind of study, the results you find are based on the inputs, so any conclusion from a sleepstudy will require application based on multiple factors.

  6. As often as possible I go to bed before 11pm and I'm always knackered - it may have a lot to do with being a restless sleeper, but even in my own bed it doesn't work.

    Then again perhaps I'm the exception to the rule.


    But Of Course There Are Obvious Exceptions

    *sings* "It had to be you...It had to be You!"