Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Country Music

While I'm admitting things...

I like Country & Western (some of it) and Bluegrass too!!

In fact I'm listening to some Garth Brooks right now. So there!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, that feels better....


  1. nah you dont want brooks, you want alison krauss, dixie chicks or darrell scott, jeff foulcuat to see you through mate. thats great country music!!!!!

  2. I reckon all good worship leaders are born to like country and western..........

    My favourite falls into two camps - good old Dolly Parton, and the more modern Dixie Chicks.

    I have a third but is generally less well known over here and she is called Jewel.

  3. Yeah, Alison Kraus is good, but you have to give muchas credit to Union Station, they've really got the hang of that.

    Garth Brooks is kinda special to me, as I cut my drumming teeth on some of his songs, and Hol & I both liked him when we were teenagers, so I'm kinda biased.

    I love the fact that youguys both Like country...hehe!

  4. Freaks, all o' ya! ;-)

  5. At least we don't dress up in roman costume every night ;-) we know, we seen ya!