Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lily Allen; a right telling off!

I have an odd habit. I think I'll admit it now.

When I listen to a CD, I often listen to it again, and again, and again.......
In fact I can have a CD in my player for.......months.
I've been listening to Hillsong London for 6 weeks or more everyday, to and from work.
Odd huh?

So, one of the things I like about MP3 players, over CD players, is the choice about what you listen to. Having recently bought a new MP3 player, I have been loading all sorts of stuff on to it (it's 20 GIG (!) so I can put all of my favourite albums on) including....

"Alright, Still"

(I depped at a wedding and got a gift voucher, which ended up buying this album.)

Sooo....that's the wondering introduction to the story I wanted to blog. Especially in light of recent news reports.

It's band practice and I'm using my MP3 to give me a test signal to line check the monitors. Since the weekend I've been listening to Lily Allen, so I was playing some of the non "explicit version" songs for the line-check. One of the guys in the band called me out on listening to Lily Allen. I thought he was just telling me that she wasn't 'cool', so I asked him why I shouldn't be listening to it and he said "...because of her morals!"

He is 19...


  1. Anonymous3:47 pm

    What are her morals?

    And why does that make any difference to listen to her album?

  2. His perception of her morals is probably that she has 'low' morals. Her songs talk a lot about drug culture and she does like to swear a lot (though mostly contextually.)

    I think he was really surprised that I would be listening to something so 'dubious'.

    (I actually love the fact that she describes the culture of a lot of the people I work with so well.)

  3. although most people will thinkshea a chav slag, do any of them know her???

    i took only 1 cd back due to moral issues, the content was about geting smacked up and getting women drunk so you can do things to them. thought it werent right really. music was well cool tho!!

  4. I appreciate your style keef!