Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Losing My Peace - Part 2

(Thanks for the comment Helen, and there's more.)

So, I started thinking about what had changed (called reflective practice at work...)
and I noticed that I have been having quite a few late nights, like 12 midnight or 1am and then getting up. Mainly because I've been needing to wind down after practices or college and got caught watching TV or playing on my xbox. All perfectly good reasons.

It struck me that it's all very simple. The solution was there to be had.

*all together now* SLEEP!

It amazes me how much a lack of sleep can effect you. Just slowly wearing away the reserves of energy so that a few cracks start to form.

I'm reminded that slipping up on the basics means that there is no foundation to build on further. My family, job, responsibilities at church all depend on me being able to function properly myself. So, I have to shake my priorities back in to line and make sure I'm looking after myself properly. Otherwise everything is meaningless!

A timely reminder then? I think so.