Sunday, March 18, 2007

20 Week Scan

Just like Craig and Hannah, we had our 20 week scan this week.

All is well, and I don't know if we're just getting better at looking at grainy black and white ultrasound pics, but it was so clear.

You can always see more in the 20 week scan than the dating scan, but this was something else. We saw detail and movement that we didn't see with Elle.

It may have helped that the woman doing the scan had 'Superintendent' on her badge, but we got to see the baby's face! She was looking at the baby's mouth (for a cleft pallet) and baby was not playing ball at first, so she used a different angle and caught the whole of the baby's face which was incedible as it had it's eye's open!

I was quite emotional afterwards, and I'm really looking forward to baby arriving in the outside world!

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