Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Communion Night

Tonight was our band communion night. We work it so that the band is a contact group in it's own right. Tonight I was leading it. We were tying in with the 40 day lent book which we're following as a church. (It's produced by thereishope.co.uk)

Not everyone is reading it, and those that are, are not necessarily following it religiously, which gave me a chance to open it up a bit. I had a question in my head; Where do you stand? and there words; Lordship, Friendship and Faith.

When I got there, in fact before I got there, I was not up for it: I was not in the mood at all. That could have been problematic, given that I was running it...

It's funny how God often shows you things when you're not looking. Within a few minutes of being with that group of people, I felt lifted. Awesome. What a great team we have. I feel very blessed by how we get on together and how we can just be ourselves.
Thank you God for using me tonight and for encouraging me through my friends.

I specifically made time for us to pray for each other and by the end of the night God had encouraged all of us. How cool is that!


  1. extremely awesomely cool ;)

    It's great how God shows you things when you're not looking. I think it's better like that. Then again, I guess he's always showing us things right in front of our noses and we just miss it.

  2. Hi

    Whats a "band communion night" and what is a "contact group"?