Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Be Deliberate

The more I spend time with leaders, managers and I suppose, people in general the more I see a need.

If you look at most corporate style manager training, you will find words like personal time, reflection and reflective practice...for a reason.

You see, I have found, and exhibited, that all to often situations are managed, but just barely. Led, backwards. Generally envisioned, on the fly!

For this reason, and as a reflection of my journey through manhood, I have come to the realisation that there is a synergy between strength and being deliberate. They feed each other.

God is the strongest leader of the all; truly worthy of the title Lord. He doesn't make mistakes. Some people need to hear that again. He does not make mistakes. As you read through the bible, you will find that God often declares something or states it, be it 'in person' or through a prophet. Then, it either happens, or we get in the way. If we (or any biblical characters) don't follow what God says, we end up in trouble.

In work, and in the rest of my life, I am making deliberate decisions. I am trying to follow God and His example. We can be certain and sure in God. It is possible.

This means spending time working out what you should be doing (praying and reflecting) and then doing it! Stick to your decisions, be deliberate and you will find a way to thrive in this uncertain world.

To quote Delirious? "The West has found a gun, and it's loaded with unsure".

Be certain. Be deliberate.

This day grace.

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