Saturday, June 09, 2007

8 and +32 -8

The 8 is how many days until both my Brother and my Father get baptised (!) How cool is that! Though I won't mention the implications of Catholics being baptised into anything other than the Catholic church...;0)

The other numbers are an update to baby due-ness! We've converted the garage, painted about 350m2 of wall and ceilings, redesigned the main parts of the house, moved Elle's bedroom, reinstated the nursery and have only to have the new flooring fitted (next week) and the new sofa's delivered (the week after.)

It all feels a bit like being prepared. I can't wait though. Bring it on!

Elle's excited too, which is great, as she's going to want to be really involved with the new baby. I'm practicing phrases such as "No Elle, you can't give the baby a bathon your own!" in preparation!


  1. I met Holly's sister the other day at a St Luke's thing.

    Hope you're all well!

  2. Very cool,I only found ou yesterday that she was doing something there.