Friday, August 31, 2007

The Big Move - Part 2

Having loaded the gear in and set up (and had a few snacks! well, it wouldn't be OG without some food at some point) we got to make some noise. SO, would the kit work for me straight away?

What do you think?

YES! Even thought we'd had to make up a 32A cable to run the FOH position when we got there and that the multicore had only arrived that morning, it all worked.

I did have a bit of a shock when I saw the finished floor surface. It's an odd and fairly hard surface. I was hoping for something less reflective but never mind.

When empty, the hall has an incredibly long RT. We have a lot of work to do to get the sound right and it feels like a bit of a battle. That said, I did manage to get a reasonable vocal and a great kick drum sound.

I have plans for some remedial acoustic treatment and some FOH EQ to see what difference can be made, but the real difference will be seen (or heard) when the hall is full of people.

Ironically, even before we get the whole band on to IEM's, the stage seemed quite quiet. There was good separation between the instruments and the overall level was reduced compared to Oak Grove Chapel.

To do the whole round trip of collecting gear, transporting it, unloading it, setting up, eating snacks, playing lots of songs and tearing down in just three hours gives me great hope for the success of the sound design. One of the big features I have tried to include was a short setup and tear-down time and this system really seems to have that. I also think that the Logic CA10's controlled directivity will help to point the sound at the only absorbent things in the hall; the congregation!
The Big Move team:

Here's how cavernous the hall is and how big the stage is!

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