Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Big Move - Part 4

This morning is the first time Oak Grove has met at the new hall. In fact it was about 5m from it! If it helps, the power supply was in the hall...

Meeting outside worked really well. The sun shone and the Son shone.

I really wish I knew how many people were there. From where I was mixing, all I could see was people, all seated 'in the round'. In preparation for the new school's new term, I think it was good to praise God and ask Him to bless all that happens on the site. There is a sense of community and shared ownership, that I really like.

The PA worked really, as I've come to expect it to, and it sounded exceptionally clear. The whole meeting was so not about the PA though, even for me. This does also mean that the pics are not very imaginative, but it does give some idea of what we got up to.


  1. I'm gonna try and get a lift with Steve to come to the official opening. Not just to see you guys, but it'll be great to see the progression of OG, it's a great new step.

  2. On that what time does it finish as I'll need to get the train back?