Sunday, October 14, 2007

Now is the Winter of our Discontent

If we're honest, we don't really like Christmas very much anymore.

It's a lot of work, often involves things we don't really like doing and starts too early!

Come September, or possibly earlier, we start seeing the 'signs' in retailers preparing for Christmas and we say 'It's too soon to think about Christmas!!' So we don't.

This continues until December when sooner or later we succumb to the present buying frenzy we are convinced everyone else is up to. We buy and wrap presents that we often want to give, but didn't enjoy buying.

Then it's only a couple of days to go and we finalise our plans and wait.

Then the Christmas services begin. We sing, we light candles and we wrap up warm!

Then it's over. We are full of food; fed up in the truest sense.

And then it's time for Easter....

What happened to the message? Where did we truly celebrate Jesus' birthday? When did we even really think about it? When did we share this story with those who only know the 'chocolate box' version? or perhaps those who don't know it at all?

Most importantly, what opportunity did we miss?

The only way we can 'like' Christmas is to know, truly know, why we celebrate it. What Jesus coming to Earth was all about. Maybe reflecting on that would bring a smile to our faces. Maybe. Maybe we'd think about all the people we'll see over Christmas. Maybe we'd start to look forward to seeing them and celebrating with them. Maybe we'd even pray for, that's too far, surely.

So, I suggest that we stopping hiding from the retail madness that is inevitable and in doing so, stop hiding from the day the King came down to be with us. Let's get thinking.

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