Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Need A Bigger Brain

I have too much in it and I have listened to so much high quality teaching that I think will make a difference to me, that I don't want to forget anything.

Steve Chalk:

Your Christology should define your Misology (sp) which should then shape and define your Ecclesiology. That is, what you know about Christ should define how you will deal with Mission. How you deal with Mission will shape what your expression of church looks like.

If you want that explained properly, please buy Steve Chalks book 'Intelligent Church' publish by Zondervan, I believe.

For me tonight's meeting was an endorsement of what we are doing at OG.
Not that I think we are perfect, but I believe that God is moving and that we want to follow.

Steve went on to say that too often we run the process backward which leads to a potential to be very damaging. Imagine, you decide that at church, you cannot drink, be scruffy or have noisy children, you must only read the authorised bible and certainly not question the churches interpretation. Some of you have been to that church (I jest.)

Now what would that churches mission look like? Would it really serve the poor? or would it serve that church? What kind of Jesus would that show?

Perhaps that's a little simplistic, but it does show how dangerous getting things in the wrong order could be.

As a couple of throwaways, knowing that Steve does not like to be controversial....

Jesus never said "Worship Me".

He actually said "Follow Me". An interesting difference I think.


  1. Missiology ;)

    The whole follow me thing blows your mind doesn't it. I'm so happy for OG and the direction they are taking. The work going on is fruitful, honest and beneficial .. you're definitiely trying to follow Him.

  2. Well, if that's all you've got to complain about...

    How's the singing going?