Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Freedom In Christ

We bandy this phrase around a lot in church. We like to talk about it and sing it with gusto.

In fact we like to do everything but live in it.

I was mediatating on this thought on my bike on the way home a few days ago. When I say mediatating I mean the Biblical version where you actually think about a single idea, rather than the worldly one, where you think about absolutely nothing.....

Anyway, I was particualrly interested in the reason that we have Freedom in Christ. What's the point?

Deep down, I do know the answer, but God found an odd way to teach my heart what it was.

"'Breaking free','Soaring','Flying'"

If God has a purpose in all that is cronicled in the Bible, then it is to call us back to His first plan. All so that we can break free from the Sin that can seperate us from Him, and Soar and Fly in relationship with Him.

That is the story of how 'High School Musical' changed my life.

Breaking Free Lyrics (think God doesn't work in the secular world? go read these words...)

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  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that finds God in random lyrics! :0)

    Nice post!