Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I No Longer Believe

That worship is a life style
or is our highest calling
or is a goal in it's own right
or that God requires any more singers in Heaven to add to the Angels & Arch Angels
or that anything has true purpose if it is not a part of my/our relationship with God

I believe

that the purpose of Salvation is to restore us to God's original plan for Adam & Eve
that worship is a natural part of a relationship with God (He is pretty awesome you know!)
that Hell is simply 'apart from God' (I'd wail and gnash my teeth if I knew I could never be with God)
that Heaven is simply 'with God'
that I have a lot to learn
that God will help me
that transforming is a goal
that prayer is easy
that the bible is an even better gift than I realised
that God is good
that Jesus didn't 'give up' being God to serve on the earth, but served on earth because He is, by very nature, God
that we make this all much harder than it is

Father, Dad, please keep teaching me. Help me grasp what it is that you are offering. I don't want to be pew fodder. I don't want to mislead or mis-lead people. I want to know your heart. Amen

Soren KierkegaardNow, with God's help, I shall become myself

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