Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It should all look a bit different now...

I have changed my template.

I have been trying to get a 3 column version of Rounders 4 for over a year. Finally, I have managed it. It's also a layout template rather than a Classic template. Basically it means that the HTML is way more complicated!

I love my link cloud over there on the right. Watch out for a few more hacks to come, including the translation links!

Let me know if something doesn't work. Let me know if you like it by clicking on the pole on the left handside. Thanks!

At the time of posting, the labels box, over thee on the left, does not look right...

I'm sure the fix is close....


  1. Just checking that the 'inline' hack works OK!

  2. It's great although your poll text needs to be darker.

    Why would you add fish as an option, you're just asking for trouble ... from me!!!

  3. "Especially for yooooouuu..."

  4. Aaa Kylie and Jason what ... chesse!!!

  5. Looks good Phil. And I'm loving reading your current stream of though, keep it coming.