Sunday, November 18, 2007

Transformation Breaks My Heart

Today at church we recreated an event that closed the GLS 2006.

It's a very simple idea and today, as at the GLS, it cut through me like a knife. Straight away without time for music or anything else to have an effect.

A number of people simple hold up boards. On one side is a statement of how they were, they turn it round and it says how they are now. It's a way of telling God's story in their lives. Only a few words, maybe 'lost' and 'found' maybe more. The point being that it's true.

The idea is so simple, but the power that speaks to my heart in a way I cannot describe and on a level beyond words, is God's power. The power of transformation.

I was reminded of the words God gave me before I started at the YMCA:

Young People

Restoration being the key one I guess. I think I need to hold that one a little more carefully.

Is it any wonder that a theology that seemingly missed transformation out, would just not work for me?

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