Monday, March 24, 2008

Worship Confessional: 23/03/08 10:00

We usually have a cooked breakfast for people after the Sunrise service but I decided to go home. It would have been really easy to say to my wife that I was 'out' all morning, but that would make her life hard and impede her ability to celebrate Easter. There's more to come on this btw; valuing families in church leadership.)

So 10:00 service is a simple service with a 'Praise Party' at the end.

We were joined in leading the church by the Oak Grove Community Choir. They performed two songs for the church (See His Love and Oh Happy Day.) We backed them for 'See His Love' which was great fun and meant that we had to work on placement so we could all play at the same time. We tried a new setup which really worked. Kudos to John A for getting it under control. A challenge with everything else happening on the day too! The choir were awesome and we had asked them to stay up for the 'Praise Party' and they really made a difference. They were so, what's the word, JOYOUS! they really lifted the church and my thanks really goes to them for making the celebration really fly. We seem to be a bit lethargic atm as a church generally.

More Cool stuff from Bluefish TV which Ian picked up on. all along the lines of 'He we can'. A simple but powerful reflection of the purpose of Easter. Very good.

We used:
The Cross has said it All (Warmup)
O Precious Sight
Praise Him you Heavens
See His Love
(O Happy Day)
The Lion of Judah
I got You Lord
There's a Place
Our God is a Great Big God
More Love, More Power (into Shackles)

plus several more songs which I'll add when I remember them!

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