Monday, March 24, 2008

Worship Confessional: 23/03/08 6:00

I've been thinking about this idea of 'Worship Confessionals' for a while now. I've been reading several in my RSS reader for a while and they seem to have people hooked on writing them, though the content varies quite a lot. Some, like Jeff's are great and serve as a good bit of communication between him and the church he serves. Some are more like rants with a song list, but that's another matter.

I never like to commit to something unless I know why I want to do it. Only then can you see if it's a good thing to do (maybe that's just me.)

SO I have decided that it's more than just cathartic for me to blog about our services and I hope it will be a way to track what God is up to.

The idea is simple. For the services that I play for or lead, I will blog what God was up to (as best I can discern it,) who did what, what songs we used, specials, problems etc etc Here goes:

Easter Sunday! started for me at 5:40 at the old chapel to setup for the Sunrise service. Very blessed by Becs who had prep'ed the tech stuff for us and even brought me an acoustic to play. It made the whole thing very easy for the band. I got to play acoustic guitar with no pressure to sing, as Sian was leading. Very liberating and I highly recommend it. We started the service in silence and I have to say we should try to use silence regularly as we don't get enough in life!

After using bible readings and some DVD stuff from Blue Fish TV

We used:
As Angels Looked on - James Gregory
Looking in the Sky - Nathan Fellingham & Paul Oakley
You Chose the Cross - Martyn Lazell
Light of the World - Tim Hughes
Everlasting God - Vicky Beeching

Playing that early can really tire you our, but the birds really do sing louder on Easter Sunday, so I like the idea of rising with them and celebrating from the beginning of the day.


  1. Glad to have been something of an inspiration, my long-distance friend I've never met.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you're up to.

  2. Blimy, you don't miss much!

    Well, you do do the whole web thing very well. So I'm Happy to pay the compliment.

    If you ever feel like flying us over for a visit, I'm sure we could find the time ;)

    Otherwise, when funds become available, I'l just 'pop' in !

    God Bless you and your family. Good to hear you're starting to fell better. I do remember playing our early service and our main celebration at Easter one year then going home and sleeping the rest of the day!