Monday, July 07, 2008

Delirious? Really? Bye then.

Delirious? - The end of an Era

Following Stewart Smith's announcement a while ago, the band have agreed to call an end to Delirious?

What a bunch of legends God has made them! The UK, the US and Aus have all received a lot of blessings based on their actions, let alone the rest of the world.

Thank you God for all they have given and please bless them as they try new things and spend more time with their families. Amen


  1. Ah, beat me to it!

    Oh yeah..Amen

  2. Moi? Beat you too it? Maybe I'm not getting slow in my old age then....

  3. I was totally bummed when I got their newsletter email on this - I've always felt that weren't really appreciated the way they should been. These guys are the inventors of modern worship music! I've been into them since buddies smuggled out the latest "Cutting Edge" tapes form the UK. Legends.

  4. Cutting Edge was pretty much where I stared (pre-Redman too!)