Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Hate You and I Love You?

(Driving in car)

Elle: *mumbles*

Hol: *turns down CD* sorry sweetheart?

Elle: How can you hate someone and love them at the same time?

Hol: *slightly stunned silence*

...and so continued a stunted conversation until the penny dropped. I had left my old Stacie Orrico CD in the CD player and they had been listening to 'Stuck'.

The line goes "I hate you but I love you; I can't stop thinking of you; It's true, I'm stuck on you"

So Elle had heard the lyric, thought about it and understood it. Then realised that the two ideas were incompatible and questioned it.


If only we could apply this to the lyrics we sing and the lives we live a little more often...


  1. what did you say to answer her?...

  2. See, Kids just complicate life and make it even harder. Bring that CD to work and we can see if it is any good. On Love well that is a long write up and I have not got time.

  3. Sparkles, do you now, I don't know!

    I'll bring it in, but it is lyrically very frank about the life we lead.