Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Living What You Sing

"As for living what you sing, well I couldn't agree with you more, but if you like being challenged, try singing what you live. Then compare notes..."

I just left this as a comment on another blog.

I seem to be having a lot of conversations about authenticity at the moment. That and accountability.

Both are good things but both are also just means to an end. The end being a growing relationship with the living God.

That said, I like 'means'. A least I know I need some good ones. One in particular I have at the moment is that when I read a book that really captures me, or I think teaches me something about God's caracter, I make myself read it twice. Simple really but effective; it's why I am going through John Burke's 'No Perfect People Allowed' again and making notes as I go.

Disciplines like this work because, as John Ortberg taught me (indirectly), you indirectly practice the areas that you are weak in. The example above teaches me to dwell, and not rush on; to reflect

Another idea I like is taking a song, and re-writing it to match your own reality. Kind of like 'Men of Doubt' instead of 'Men of Faith' which Jonny Baker posted a copy of years ago. Then compare it to the original.

What do you see? Where are the differences? Where are the similarities? What can you celebrate? What do you need to take to God?

Try it and see? Especially if you lead musical worship.

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