Monday, February 09, 2009

Worship Confessional: 08/02/09

Now here's a curve ball...

Remembering that I'm not in any bands at the moment; I've done one dep gig in the last 6 months and one event and both of those were drumming; I have a worship confessional to write because I led worship at OG yesterday!

In the absence of the usual suspects, someone needed to step in and give Sarah a break. Her Grandad just passed away and that someone, was me.

Difficult in that I haven't led for a while and the band is not in the same place I left it. Difficult in that there was a brand new song to learn. Difficult in that the band layout has changed. Difficult in that the band themselves had worked out most of the songs and links and I had to make some changes to make it possible for me to lead.

And Yet.

And yet God is good. And yet I believe God prompted me to offer to lead. And yet God gave the new song in perfect time to match what the speaker was about. And yet setup flowed, and the band flowed and the coffee flowed...

Mostly I like it that God spoke and I listened and obeyed. I feel in a God place with God and that's cool!

Set List:

(Warmup - Heaven's King - Noel Richards and Kees Kraayenoord)

When I Was Lost - Kate and Miles Simmonds

Heavens King (as above)

Holy Holy, God Almighty - Brenton Brown

No Sweeter Name - Kari Jobe

Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing) - Brenton Brown

(We had more but the speaker spoke for quite a while!)

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