Sunday, April 18, 2010

The New Home

I'm just back from church. Lunch is in the oven, the kids are in the garden (which is in full summer mode, even the BBQ is up and running!) and I'm feeling reflective.

We've been going to Gateway Vineyard for a little while now and the Switch has led to the start of what we were looking for.

Lots of getting to know people, catching names learning about what's going on etc. I'm really looking forward to getting some more roots down via a small group and am resisting the temptation to get involved in music stuff straightaway.

But this morning summed up the change for me; sitting down, full of breakfast, cuddling Elle during the musical worship time, it struck me that this is what family should look like in church. I'm not sure I can translate it in to words, but the aspects of being together in a place where we can all share in the same things and music and God all came together. I'm looking forward to building on that.

If you use the Jesus Analysis, then I'd have to answer with a resounding YES!

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