Sunday, April 25, 2010

You can be who you choose to be

This morning at Gateway Vineyard, Alex brought a message about the offer God makes; we can give up our lives in exchange for external life.

As often happens with me, this triggered a song in my head.

I've had Stacy Orico's album for ages now, but I often go back to it. When you listen beyond the very cool music and hear what she's actually singing about, there are some very clear lyrics there.

In 'I Won't Look Back' she sums up a problem I have faced and which if we all paid more attention to, we could make more of a difference to our world:

You can be who you choose to be
But whether you do, or whether you don't
Depends on your priorities
Lord help me to choose them wisely

The decisions we make are based on a complex set of 'rules'. These rules are made up of things like our values, moral code, life experience, things we've seen on TV...the problem with this is often there are 'rules' in action that we aren't aware of.

The more of these we identify, the more we can offer up to God to be 'refined in the fire'.

Imagine a time when your reactions and snap-backs were actually based on God refined 'rules'. Would they help build up people? or knock them down?

What do you think? Worth spending some time thinking about priorities, I would say.

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