Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Beaches Part 2

We have a history of playing crazy golf in the rain and were shocked to arrive in Yarmouth on Bank Holiday Monday to find brilliant sunshine! Elle loved exploring the course, but don't be fooled by the pic, that green matting was soaking, so on with the reins to catch her...

Hol had an amazing game, beat me by something like 10 shots and got 3 holes in one!

Me and my girl!

A real close up Her hair is so soft and it's getting really long. Hol's had to cut it several times to keep it out of her eyes.

And finally, as promised, The MOST amazing playground in Norfolk....

is at Sea Paulling! and includes lots of cool things (most of which had kids on them, and I'm not prepared to walkaround a playground taking photo's of kids I don't know for anyone)

This may have been my favourite:


  1. She looks so big now!

  2. Either Elle has grown a lot or you've shrunk.

    Next you need to tell me how to get to that park - it looks so cool.