Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Enthused & Inspired

I've just come back from a great band practice.

Today, I was covering PA, which normally means you have very little to do during the practice (unless the rest of the team is there, in which case there's plenty of learning and discussing to be done.)

Sooooo, I decided to take my electric and have a play around with Becky's amp and her effects pedals. My electric is an LP copy and nothing special, but I like it.

I had so much fun! I guess I'm a rhythm player rather than a lead player, but I loved the freedom to play guitar without singing or leading.

I feel quite inspired to explore it further and I wonder if it would work well with my idea to start using an AC-2 or AC-3.

I just love the feeling of being enthused and inspired by music. God is good!


  1. blurgh ..........splat.....ac3!!!!

    just use an accoustic?!?!?!?! tis clever but pointless really.

    good to hear that tho mate

  2. Unles you're offering to provide me with a Taylor 314ce, I'm afraid that the AC3 is the most likely option for the time being.

    (I know what you mean though.)