Monday, October 23, 2006

Menorca 2006 - Part 1

Well, we're back from our Holiday in Menorca and Picasa has kindly handled our photo's, so here's the two part guide to Menorca 2006:

We were staying in a resort on the West coast of Menorca called Cala'n Forcat, in a two bedroom, self-catering apartment. We wanted a family holiday, somewhere where Elle would be welcomed and where we could be together. This is what we found:

A nicely spaced set of apartments in blocks of about 10 with this lovely pool (one of two) at the end of our block.

Elle decided that she liked to lounge by the pool...

I decided that I like to lie anywhere in the Sun!

Though it wasn't all about lounging around. Watch out for the "Micra Adventure" (which is a bit like a "Mini Adventure", but with minor details changed...)

There was even time for dressing up too!

(This is my favourite picture from holiday)

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  1. wow that looks lovely!

    was it expensive?