Monday, October 23, 2006

Menorca 2006 - Part 2

We hired a car for a day from a local firm (saving us a small fortune.)
I'm not keen on having the most pristine car for this kind of hire, if it was longer I have something nicer, but for one daysomething small and reliable will do nicely, thank you!

So that's when our "Micra Adventure" started:

We drove the 44Km to Mahon (capitol (?) city of Menorca) and parked up. Mahon is one of the larges natural harbours in the world!

(That's one small part of it!)

We wandered down in to the harbour front, and found what we thought was a little place to have a coffee. We sat down and Elle was happily destroying the table layout when we realised that we'd sat down in the wrong part of the seating and we in fact in the 'bistro' part! If we'd eaten there (or just had a drink) we'd have been parting with some serious Euro!

Once we'd looked around a bit more we realised that we were at the 'posh' end of the harbour where there were millions of pounds worth of yachts about.....DOH!

Still, the water everywhere was amazing andbeautifully clear. We had this cove only a few minutes walk away from us...

...and whilst on our "Mini Adventure" we went to this, almost, deserted beach with the most amazing snorkling I've ever done!

I have so many photo's that I could include, but I loved the holiday so much, that I'm going to suggest that you go there too to discover how nice it is.

I will just mention the Aquapark that we went to for a day that Elle loved and found a little girl called Holly to play with, the GIANT slide she went down, and the waiter, who's eye she caught when we were out one night!

NB Don't go peak season.

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