Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stirring the Soul

The Easter story should stir your soul.

If it doesn't then there is something wrong; Christian or not.

In the midst of Eva's dedication, business stuff, computer problems, daffodils, chocolate, my new bike, quality time with Hol, socks, work, prophesy, changing fundamental church principals and the hundreds of other things in my brain at the moment, I pray that God would refresh me with the greatest sacrifice and the greatest victory in History and that that would stir my soul!

How about you?


  1. Well said, Phil. And, brother, I'm in! Services last night reminded me of how a particular Andrew Peterson song helps me worship and stirs my soul as I celebrate:

    "...I remember how the sunlight turned to thunder
    And the people ran for shelter from the rain
    And the curtain tore and the saints awoke
    And the whole earth seemed to tremble
    From the fury of God's anger
    Or was it the fury of his love?"

    I have two young children, schedules, soccer ... the busy-ness myself and I sooooo join in the prayer that God will quiet my heart more and more until I sleep tonight, and stir my soul wide alive when I wake tomorrow. Rise and Shine!