Monday, August 11, 2008

In Spirit AND In Truth

In John 4 Jesus talks to a despised woman about Worship and the nature of how people will Worship. He talks of Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth.

As I was riding home tonight, listening to the Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil here (see My Friend Sam,) I was wondering if this was another situation where we get it wrong, and, if we're careful, a situation we can learn from to get it right.

I've come across the argument from non-Christians that you don't have to be a Christian to be good. It's not much of an argument really, not when I agree with that statement... so it's pretty obvious that goodness, social responsibility, kindness thoughtfulness and more importantly the 'spirit' or idea that might compel us to act in these ways is somehow embedded in to our very being. These actions alone though, do not Glorify God, and though you could argue that they do indirectly I would not agree that they are Worship. This is because they lack the Truth.

The Truth on it's own is also no good! Look at 'dry' churches. No heresy. Maybe some hypocrisy but certainly Truth proclaiming, but no Spirit, no action, no movement.

As James points out, Faith without deeds is no good, and I believe that Worship without deeds is also no good. (I'm not sure what limits that statement should have.)

So, as Worshippers, we need a combination of Spirit AND Truth; that is what the Father seeks.

(I'm reminided of this old post and why we would want to seek any of this in the first place)

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